Remer Rubinetterie S.p.A. is a leading tapware manufacturing company founded in 1965 in Milan.  Supplying tapware around the world for 45 years, Remer is constantly in evolution.

Ranking among the best tapware producers of the world, Remer use highly innovative and fully automated robotic machines to produce tapware to the highest quality.

Remers manufacturing process starts from a 3D design, and includes analyzing shapes and performances initially via prototyping in ABS plastic, and then in brass. Carefully selecting the best raw materials, they then produce using the most sophisticated and technologically advanced machinery, supported by robots for a total automation, and ending the product with their polishing and chrome-plating machines.  The whole production cycle is carried on in the plants of the Remer Group companies solely in Italy

Design and quality is of high priority to Remer, with all products produced tested thoroughly. 

This guarantees customers a reliable product, with beautiful design at the right price.


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