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Hito Quarantuno Wwashbasin Mixer


Available in-store today. Other finishes available on indent only.


GEDA adopt an approach to production that sets them apart as a hothouse of ideas, putting their name to bathroom and kitchen items featuring an original design and innovative functions.
The craftsman-like attention to detail and potential of a modern industry make a happy marriage, giving rise to stylish and practical models at the cutting edge of technology.

All Geda products have an extended 5-year guarantee covering mechanical parts rather than the statutory 2 years. For products that have passed the relevant tests and been identified with the ECO ENERGY SYSTEM mark, Geda decided they could afford to extend the guarantee on mechanical parts further to 10 years.

Products identified with the ECO ENERGY SYSTEM mark are marked Made in Italy, which indicates that they are made in the EEC and serves as a guarantee that manufacturing processes and use of materials meet European standards.

Rather than styling expression for its own sake, design is a synthesis between practical needs and the adoption of a well developed and recognisable appearance. A metaphorical signature applied to every item of the Geda collections.


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