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VIP Lounge


Available from (7.2cm x 59.4 x 1.4) to (59.4 x 59.4 x 1.4) In a range of colours


The Vip Lounge porcelain stoneware series is extremely resistant and technical since the tile body is composed of a rich blend of mixtures.

It is decorated using salt-based ink, and is vitrified at 1230°C.

It is available in two finishes: Satinata RTT, that gives the surface a soft, matt and lightly polished texture, and Sabbiata RTT, to make Vip Lounge the ideal choice for exterior floors.Whatever your destination may be, Vip Lounge is a relaxing break in a refined and cosmopolitan environment, a pause amongst the continuous movements that characterise contemporary life.

Three vibrant tones of grey for a modern and elegant surface. A series that gives shape to modernity at all latitudes.

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