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Available from (30 x 60cm) to (60 x 120cm) in Amande, Caramel, Carbon, Cendre, Corail Blanc, Noisette, Perle in a range of finishes. Special decorative pieces and trims also available.


Buxy is a small village in Burgundy, France, famous for the extraordinary beauty of the local stone. With this Porcelain Stoneware series, Cotto d'Este makes available a contemporary product with all the fascination of natural stone. The tiles - with full thickness colour thanks to a special mix of soluble salts - are a unique blend of design excellence and practicality, tradition and technology. The whole series takes its cue from the perfect harmony of colours in nature, making Buxy an ideal solution for both classical or modern interior design solutions. The process creates a texture whose light-flecked particles are offset to great effect by the opaque background, giving the Lux tile a matchless beauty.

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